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We are ready to help you deliver a strong, measurable hiring and HR strategy to allow you to focus on the parts of your organization that need your attention most; let us deliver for you. Our partnerships are all tailored to you, with not one of them being a cookie cutter approach and this allows you the flexibility to ramp up and down at a moments notice.

Your biggest competitors are

your future talent.



It doesn't matter where you are professionally - outsourcing makes sense.


Outsourcing a project, team or function is often better for the balance sheet, will help you get results more quickly and position you ahead of your competitors who don't have that capability.

The real challenge is finding a partner in business that will raise your game, not hinder it. Our team members have each been in the worlds of HR and Talent for decades, building up experience, learning lessons and knowing how to tackle the issues you're likely facing - we want to pass our experience on to you.

You might also find yourself in a place where you don't want to hire a big team, but you need the reach of one... all of our people when partnering with you, will have access to industry leading tools and support for their role.

We are experts focused on HR and Talent Acquisition with experience ranging from startup businesses to global public companies.


This is more than just cost-saving; we are your secret weapon.


Why should I choose RPO?

Experts in talent acquisition, exceptional candidate experience, skilled strategy development, and employer branding. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is more than just trying to find a way to balance cost versus time; this is a way to set yourself apart from all other businesses out there.

RPO can save you the time invested in hiring a team, researching and selecting the tools, forging a team culture and dynamic associated with hiring manager/stakeholder engagement. We already have the support team built and crafted with experts ready to engage and help you cross the bridge.

Building out your brand, positioning yourself as an employer of choice and attracting the best talent is not only available to the companies with the biggest budget any more. Outsourcing will save you time and money - yes, but it will also have a dedicated team whose sole focus is to help you succeed with hiring the right talent. We can learn your story, build a pipeline of candidates, understand not just who you need to hire now but in 6 months time in order to get ahead of it. If you plan on hiring more than one person per month for a consistent period then RPO is the only real choice.



HR isn't something that a lot of people are comfortable with. There is regulatory law involved, payroll, benefits and at the center of it all, your employee organization. For some companies, you're going through rapid growth and need scalable support in building out your people infrastructure, while for others you just need help with benefits and open enrollment.

Human Resources Outsourcing or HRO, is designed at its core to help you build your HR department with ease. Our HR consultants have operated at Director through to Executive levels and we are certain that whatever the issue you're facing, we've encountered and helped people through it before.



Your Own Team

You can have your very own team, onsite or remote - all based in the US



Your Higher Talent Team will keep you informed with regular reporting


Use Our Tools

Use our team's tools and subscriptions to your advantage


Scale With Your Needs

Only use the size of team that you need - this is the true meaning of flexibility as you grow. Let us take care of the overhead while you focus on delivery


Market Analysis

Uncover areas for growth and improvement


Budgetary Planning

Have a fixed cost each month to see exactly how much further your budgets stretch

Why choosE US for your rpo/HRO needs?

As a key people partner, we have lots of experience in helping companies build out teams and entire business functions, whether it's with smaller start-ups or large publicly traded companies.

Our outsourced offering is aimed at helping you accelerate your project timeline, uncover further opportunity and solve some of those challenging problems.


Higher Talent gurus will compliment your existing team or stand entirely on their own, supporting your need to scale quickly and effectively. Whether you need a HR or a Recruiting team - any serious business function can be supported expertly, allowing you to be unbeatable and focus on all other areas of your business. We have the experience, access to the best tools, the know-how and expertise to deliver against your goals.

It's time to help you move the needle on your most critical projects, scale up or down as needed and make your competitors wonder how you did it!

Ready to get started?

Let's do something great together!

Get in touch here.

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