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Talent Solutions for an Unbeatable Workforce

Drive Your Talent Forward

You know your business better than anyone. We have better combined HR and Talent expertise than any other talent provider, as well as access to the best technology available in our field. Working together, we can bring you the best talent to drive your orgnization forward.

What do you need?

To bring on individual


Support from a



  • Your Own Dedicated Talent Expert(s)

  • Access to Millions of Qualified Candidates

  • The Best Tools in the Industry

  • Team-building Guidance

  • Expertly Skilled Consultants in Technology

  • Contract, Contract-Hire or Direct

  • Impeccable Success Rates


  • Our HR Team Becomes Your Team

  • Executive Talent Acquisition Expertise

  • Support Your Function with Flexibility

  • Consistent Monthly Costs

  • Fully Qualified HR and Recruiting Team

  • Scale The Team to Match Your Goals

  • Benefits and Payroll Administration

There is no limit to your reach, with Higher Talent.

Our consultants on both the Talent and HR side are experts in their field. If you're in need of HR support or need to attract the strongest candidates to your company, we know where to find them. The experience we have in supporting many industries, as well as our agile culture and technological reach means we are better positioned to find you the best talent than any other.


"I've actually worked with a number of top-rated recruitment agencies over the past two decades. I can tell you that Higher Talent are one of the best, if not the best that I have worked with!"

Chief Technology Officer


What Makes Higher Talent Unique?

Searching for your next team member? We’ve already found them.

Need to to bring in experts? Meet your new team.


Higher Talent has an unparalleled team of experienced search professionals and talent acquisition leaders dedicated to helping technology and mission-driven organizations find extraordinary talent.

As one of the most highly regarded talent firms and best-kept secrets in technology circles, we know what it takes to guarantee successful results. We take pride in a lot of what makes us great - our focus on quality, our experienced staff, our customer responsiveness and our awareness of constantly changing industry trends - but mostly, we’re proud of our central promise.


We won’t just fill your open position, we’ll partner to find you the best fit, every time.


We blend the personal touch of a smaller agency with the reach of an industry powerhouse. We believe in integrity, transparency, and quality of work. And not just for our biggest clients, for every single one of them. It’s these qualities that have allowed us to maintain such a high success rate.

From leading machine learning, data analytics and software development companies to powerhouse marketeers and financial institutions, our team has facilitated successful placements for a wide range of clients.

The HT team have worked for some of the top tech companies throughout the EMEA and The Americas. We get that projects can fall behind, release cycles can change, delays can happen. This is why Higher Talent came to exist - helping leaders deliver on projects, build teams and make critical hires without a lot of the hassle, multiple companies, juggling contracts and phone numbers.


We are the one company to stand beside you on the front lines, to help you deliver your projects on time, or simply to grow your team.


Our technological talent insight into what makes a team successful is our differentiator. We build you the best team so you can deliver the best product.

Next step is to get in touch with us so we can discuss the best solution to fit you!

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